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Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching is for anyone who has drive and ambition, whatever their role.

Leaders are everywhere, not just in the boardroom. Know You More leadership coaching equips people with skills, behaviours and techniques that will help them develop themselves and those around them.

Whether they’re in existing leadership positions or leaders of the future, we’ll help them become supportive, effective and inspirational members of your team.

What leadership coaching delivers

of leaders report on improvement in their confidence to lead through periods of significant change

Leaders who exude confidence and resilience inspire their teams to do the same and deliver many benefits

  • The skills to initiate and encourage conversations that benefit everyone
  • The ability to create and deliver succession plans that work
  • A safe space for staff to engage fully with their coaching experience
  • The skills to navigate change in an organisation with confidence
  • Dramatically increased performance for leaders and their people
  • Increased productivity and revenue for the organisation as a whole

Orbital Impact

Coaching is an investment with far-reaching benefits. The effects of coaching skills training positively impacts an organisation at its core by developing leaders who empower their teams. Coaching creates a culture of learning and development that encompasses all staff brings success on an organisational level.

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