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Employee coaching solution

Join the many organisations that place coaching at the heart of their workforce and leadership development. Enable your employees to reach their goals, equipping them with the skills they need to lead themselves and others.

Leaders are everywhere, not just in the boardroom. Let's work together to craft a coaching solution that helps your employees thrive and develop into resilient and inspirational leaders.

We'll start by identifying and understanding your needs, selecting the right coaches and preparing your employees for their bespoke coaching programme, which draws on our years of experience.

Our coaching sessions are provided remotely via our platform, giving your people the flexibility to schedule them when it’s convenient. Coaching can be delivered to nominated staff within your organisation, or you can enable on-demand access.

If you already provide coaching internally, you can also integrate your existing provision into our platform, giving you complete oversight on delivery and allowing you to easily measure the impact.

Whether you need to coach a young workforce into tomorrow’s leaders, provide wellbeing coaching for your team or support individuals returning to work, our programmes can be tailored to help you achieve your goals.

What our employee coaching clients say

“We want to help staff believe they are a leader, to see their own potential and to explore what that looks like for them. Digital coaching allows us to offer one of the most impactful means of development to staff in any role and in any location and to do this in an effective and valuable way.”
National Wellbeing Hub case study

Why choose us to help deliver your employee coaching?

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Using our platform to deliver leadership coaching is 50% more cost-effective than organising individual coaches on an ad hoc basis.
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Expert support
You won’t be left to self-manage your coaching - our team will work with you to design an effective programme.
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Employee benefit
Professional coaching is a great benefit for your team. Coaching conversations help you support your people, making them feel valued and appreciated.
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All-in-one solution
Work with our community of coaches, your own internal team, or a blend of both, using intuitive technology to bring everyone together.

The simple route to delivering effective employee coaching

Bespoke programmes
Our team will work with you to design effective coaching programmes that are tailored to the needs of your employees.
Full service coaching
We take care of every aspect of delivering your coaching offering - onboarding, matching, delivery and reporting, working alongside you for the entire duration of your programme.
Flexible delivery
You can choose to offer coaching to nominated people or make it available on-demand to selected groups of staff.
Full oversight
You can track progress and utilisation data in real-time via our coaching platform and schedule tailored reports to help you measure impact and ROI.

What employee coaching delivers

  • Direct improvement in retention and ability to attract top talent
  • Skills to create clear career development plans with professional development goals
  • Better employee engagement through a high performing culture
  • Ability to align personal professional goals with company goals to increase efficiency and performance.

Employee coaching at every level

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