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Coaching skills training

Solidify coaching as a key part of your organisational ethos and you’ll empower a workforce

Leaders are facing challenges like never before. Changing workplaces and working patterns mean that strong bonds have to be formed to keep an organisation moving forward as one.  Coaching allows leaders and staff at any level to understand the motivation and talents of their colleagues, and to allow them the space and support to use those skills to meet strategic goals.

Ultimately, coaching builds stronger and more resilient people who understand their organisation and their role within it on a much deeper level.  This kind of collaboration builds unity and strength and allows success to thrive.
of organizations with a strong coaching culture achieve revenue above most of their industry peers.

A range of valuable benefits

  • Coaching skills training delivered by an industry-leading team
  • Coaching skills certification
  • Up to 50 hours of training
  • Peer to peer workshops to enhance and develop new skills
  • Group reflection sessions
  • KYM foundation level certification 

Our programmes deliver

  • The understanding required to have more valuable performance conversations
  • The creation of a culture that includes regular coaching conversations
  • An improved sense of value in the workplace
  • Great places to work
  • The means to build a strong internal coaching capacity
  • Increased responsibility and accountability for actions from all staff
  • A more committed workforce
  • A workforce who engage more productively with others 
  • A strong culture of goal setting and attainment
  • A sense of job satisfaction for all
  • Staff who contribute more effectively with the organisation as a whole and understand their role within it

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