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Resilient Leadership Programme:
Thriving in Dynamic Times

At Know You More, we believe that leadership isn’t just about authority; it’s about resilience. Our Resilient Leadership Programme invites you to explore a new paradigm—one that embraces challenges, fosters growth, and empowers you to lead with unwavering courage.
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Why Resilience Matters

Resilience isn’t a buzzword; it’s a vital skill for today’s leaders. As you embark on this transformative journey, you’ll learn to:
  • Navigate Uncertainty: Thrive amidst ambiguity and change.
  • Inspire Others: Lead by example, fostering resilience in your team.
  • Sustain High Performance: Stay focused even when faced with adversity.
  • Make Life-Affirming Choices: Align your leadership with the livingsystems around you.

Programme highlights

Learning Commitment
  • Duration: Dive into immersive learning over 5 weeks.
  • Personalised Experience: Coaching sessions designed around your focus areas.
  • Personalised Coaching: Benefit from two 1:1 coaching sessions with your dedicated, expert coach.
Tailored Frameworks
  • Self-Reflection: Explore tailored frameworks and tools to your unique goals.
  • Community of Allies: Learn alongside a diverse community of leaders who share your passion for resilience.
Certificate of Completion
  • Development plan to continue your progress beyond the programme.

What You’ll Achieve

By the end of this programme, you’ll have:

Structured Action Plan

  • Craft an actionable plan to apply your learning and achieve your leadership goals.
  • Continue your development as a resilient leader.

In-Depth Knowledge

  • Master the principles of Resilient Leadership.
  • Inspire and guide your leadership practice.

Practical Tools & Resources

  • Access your own toolkit to apply resilience strategies across various aspects of leadership.

Who is the programme for?

How will you learn

Reap the combined benefits of individual and partnership learning

Onboarding and Assessment

  • Theory Exploration: Sessions cover the principles of Resilient Leadership.
  • Assessment: Understand your current skills level to applying this framework and cultivate thriving teams.

1:1 coaching

  • Personalised Guidance: Your coach challenges you to explore new approaches.
  • Action Planning: Dig deeper into your individual needs and objectives.
  • Path to Achievement: Identify a clear path toward your leadership goals.

Self-Study & Self-Reflection

  • Reflective Practice: Between coaching sessions, build on your learning.
  • Assignments & Resources: Provided by your coach to enhance your growth.

Programme content

In the Resilient Leadership Programme, you will delve into various facets of leadership through a resilient lens. This framework empowers you to apply these principles to your unique context. Here’s what you’ll explore:

The Six Traits of Resilient Leaders

Discover how to cultivate leadership qualities within a Systemic, Inclusive, Strategic, Caring, Innovative, and Courageous approach. These traits form the bedrock of effective resilient leadership.

Why Resilient Leadership Matters

Understand the distinction between conventional leadership and Resilient Leadership. Explore why embracing a resilient mindset is essential in today’s dynamic landscape.

Nurturing Self-Care and Self-Knowledge

Learn why self-care and self-knowledge are pivotal components of resilient leadership. Discover how to foster these aspects as integral parts of your leadership practice.

Building Confidence as a Resilient Leader

Gain insights into where to direct your focus and how to nurture the confidence necessary to tackle contemporary leadership challenges.

Nurturing Self Leadership

Explore your own self-care needs as a resilient leader. Learn strategies to prioritize your well-being and extend that care to those around you.

Crafting Your Action Plan

By the programme’s conclusion, you’ll have identified actionable steps to elevate your leadership as a resilient force. Commit to making an impact in your chosen sphere.

What participants say about our programme

"A very supportive experience that allowed me a safe space to explore my leadership skills and next steps on a 1:1 basis. Great to have dedicated time to stop, talk and think with an experienced coach. Thank you."
Sheona S.
"I found the experience insightful and has made an amazing difference. I has helped me to take ownership of my own behaviour and make meaningful change.My coach was supportive and helped me reflect and identify realistic goals. Hope l can keep it up!"
Cat F.

"The course was great - really friendly, helpful, caring and engaging facilitators and coaches throughout. It was really clear that they deeply cared about the experience each had on the programme. The tools and materials were simple and easy to make use of, and facilitated networking amongst the group."

"I took part in the Regenerative Leadership course earlier this year and it was hugely valuable in my own personal growth. I'm sharing this with my #hrcommunity and wider as this really is both an insightful and impactful course that I highly recommend. #alwayslearning"
LeighAnn J.


Excl VAT
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  • 90 Minutes of Professional 1:1 Coaching
  • Delivered over 2 sessions
  • Onboarding and self-assessment
  • Self-reflection activities
    Tools and resources
    CPD Certificate of Completion
Option to include further coaching element later (with additional cost)


Excl VAT
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  • 4 hours of coaching
  • Delivered in up to 5 sessions of Professional 1:1 Coaching
  • Onboarding and self-assessment
  • Access to our leadership learning community
    Self-reflection activities
  • Tools and resources
    Personalised Action Plan
    CPD Certificate on Completion

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