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The socially-driven coaching provider and platform

Know You More helps organisations build and deliver self-sustaining coaching. Work with our coaches, bring your own, or use a blend of both to deliver digital coaching for everyone in your business.
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Let’s make the world a more confident place

Everyone, no matter who or where they are, should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. For every client we work with, we dedicate our own resources to help young people across the world thrive.

Giving back is at the heart of everything we do.

Find out about our mission

Case studies

When we say coaching for everyone, we mean it.

We’ve supported the wellbeing of health and social care workers during the pandemic

During a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty, our coaching programmes supported and nurtured staff on the frontline to manage their physical and mental wellbeing.
Wellbeing coaching

“We’ve supported so many people and it just would not have been possible without the energy, professionalism and creativity of the Know You More team”

Gillian Strachan, Head of Programme for Organisational and Leadership Development in NHS Education for Scotland
Increase of confidence in managing wellbeing
Wellbeing coaching

We’ve empowered educational leaders to deliver dynamic change

Helping leaders in further education build the skills they need to consistently deliver the vision, purpose and values of their institutions.
Leadership coaching

“Know You More and their digital coaching expertise allows us to deliver leadership coaching as a staff development option at scale to our leadership population”

Bea Young, HR Partner
Increase in confidence of achieving goals
Leadership coaching

We’ve given leaders the confidence to create a culture for the future

Taking an established industry and committed workforce to the next level of growth with a coaching programme that delivers real change at an organisational level.
Coaching culture

“We’re using KYM with the aim to develop a sustainable coaching culture that carries through generations in the automotive industry”

Karen Mancini, VP Human Resources & HSE Europe & RSA
Increase in clarity of achieving goals
Coaching culture

We helped young adults build a legacy of leadership

Coaching programmes that enhance skills already gained through existing training help develop young leaders with an understanding of the far-reaching benefits of that newfound knowledge.
Youth coaching

”Working with a coach is a fantastic way of anchoring and transforming knowledge and insights gained from training into beliefs, habits and actions.”

Felicity Hodkinson, president of the UK ICF Chapter
Would recommend the experience
Youth coaching

We’ve helped women return to work.

Supporting women in leadership roles is essential, particularly in the transition to and from maternity leave.
Female leaders

“Working with Know You more is producing real long-term benefits for my team and allowing us to support our talented leaders and encourage more diversity.”

Parmjit Flora, Transformation Programme Manager UK
Increase in clarity, focus and direction for their career
Female leaders
Ipad with KYM platform
iPad with KYM platform

Why choose Know You More?

Our digital coaching

  • Access to a diverse and inclusive community of certified professional coaches ready to support your people.
  • Helps build self-sustaining internal coaching programmes from the ground up.
  • Measurable, flexible and designed around your needs.

Our coaching platform

  • Work with our coaches, bring your own, or use a blend of both.
  • Deliver, manage and measure your coaching provision.
  • Tech enabled but people powered — our team are always here to help.

Our mission

  • To help everyone reach their full potential in the workplace, from interns to execs.
  • To share our years of experience delivering effective coaching.
  • To give back through our initiatives supporting young adults.
Ipad with KYM platform

Who we’ve worked with

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