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Let us help you build a coaching provision that stands the test of time.

Embed coaching into the fabric of your workplace culture.

Know You More is the most flexible and intuitive way for organisations to design, deliver and manage transformational workforce development experiences.
Tried and tested
With over 5000 people experiencing our coaching programmes, purchase our tried and tested programmes or work with us to create a bespoke programme for your organisation or team.
Tech-enabled, people powered
Work with a dedicated team, meet a community of 200+ accredited coaches and access timely 1:1 support
Managed, measured, scalable
Save time and focus on the impact with our all-in-one digital platform.
Unmatched flexibility
When we say ‘all in one place’, we mean it. Access our world-class coaches, onboard & host your own, or opt for a blend of both.
Designed for growth
Combine different elements of our offering to future-proof your workforce and transform your culture.
Driven by a social mission
For every client we work with, we reinvest in the development of young adults from all backgrounds.

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We’ve already supported the development of thousands of people across the public, private and third sectors.

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“We’ve supported so many people and it just would not have been possible without the energy, professionalism and creativity of the Know You More team”
Gillian Strachan, Head of Programme for Organisational
and Leadership Development.