Let's make a world full of opportunity

Everyone, no matter who or where they are should have the opportunity to reach their full potential

For every client we work with, we commit to dedicating our own resources and expertise to help young people across the world thrive.

Our social reinvestment initiatives, Level Up and Build Up have been created specifically to do just that.

Level Up

Empower and Nurture

Our free Personal Leadership Programme ‘Level Up’ aims to empower young adults from all backgrounds through coaching. Giving them the chance to learn how to achieve their personal, work and education goals, to lead happy and healthy lives and to inspire them to make valuable contributions to their communities.
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How Level Up supports young adults

  • Promoting social mobility across all socio-economic groups
  • Developing soft skills like communication and listening
  • Improving career readiness
  • Supporting life transitions
  • Inspiring self-confidence and self-belief

Build Up

Grow and Thrive

A free coaching skills programme for 18 to 25 year olds from all backgrounds.  Co-created with KYM coaches, this digital programme supports young people to learn coaching skills that will lead them towards a future where they can live and work to their full potential.  Build Up can even be a first step on the road to coaching accreditation and includes 1-2-1 coaching sessions, workshops and practical application of the skills you’ve developed.
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How Build Up supports young adults

  • Guidance from expert coaches in developing their own coaching style
  • Understanding of the role of a coach and developing coaching skills
  • Gaining the confidence to share their knowledge with others
  • Helping themselves and others to develop personal and professional skills
  • Gaining insight into how best to negotiate personal and professional challenges
  • Gaining a skill that will add to their value in the workplace

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