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Manage and host your coaching provision

Managing an in-house coaching programme effectively is costly and time consuming. There are software solutions out there, but most still require internal resources to function well. A luxury not all organisations can provide. We can.

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Our hosted service provides a means to truly reinforce coaching as a model of practice in your business. Helping to deliver meaningful experiences for coaches and coachees that embed the value lifelong learning has as part of any company culture. 

We’ve discovered that the average cost saving when using our platform as opposed to managing your coaching offering internally is a staggering 50%.

Key Features

  • A central location for hosting all internal coaches
  • Ability to create customisable profiles, delivering higher-quality matches
  • Simple functionality
  • Real time management overview dashboard
  • Detailed metrics
  • Tracking and reporting of coaching progression and associated ROI
  • Dedicated support for coaches and coachees

What Managed and Hosted Coaching Support Delivers

  • A means to optimise internal coaching resource and reduce costs
  • A fully managed platform that provides support, matching and reporting that eases pressure on internal resources
  • A coaching framework that aligns with your business strategy
  • The opportunity to supplement capacity with KYM coaches
  • Measurable metrics to show efficacy and ROI

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