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As part of our approach, we prioritise collaboration and a thorough understanding of your organisation and people needs. Rather than offering a cookie-cutter mobile solution, we craft and deliver high-quality coaching experiences to effectively address these needs at scale across your organisation.

A flexible framework for richer learning experiences

Our coaching philosophy is centred on flexibility and personalised development. We understand that no single approach can accommodate the diverse learning needs and styles of all individuals. That's why our coaches use a variety of techniques and tools to fit the specific needs of each coachee. This enables us to create richer learning experiences connected by a broader framework that aligns with your overall strategy.
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Our coaching methodology

1. Co-designig the coaching experience
We work together to understand your goals and design the programme structure that best supports you in achieving them. You can choose to be involved in the coach panel design or to let us handle the delivery end-to-end. We create customised resources and tools for your employees, and design a reporting framework to track the impact of your coaching.
2. Creating successful matches
We believe that the best coaching happens when great trust and rapport exist between coach and coachee. We achieve this by helping you communicate the value of coaching to your people,  providing them with onboarding support and carefully matching them with the best coaches to ensure a successful experience.
3. The coaching conversation
Each coaching conversation is confidential and centred on the identified focus areas for development. Coaches will include personalised tools, models and resources to explore the individual opportunities and challenges your people are facing.
4. Building on the learning
On concluding the programme, each coachee will leave with a 6-12 month development plan. As they complete the evaluation process, the measurement data is confidentially collated and aggregated to support reporting on the performance of your programme.

Deliver, manage and measure coaching all in one place

Our platform allows you to deliver, manage and measure coaching across your organisation. You can choose to work with our community of coaches, your own internal team, or a blend of both, using intuitive technology to bring everyone together.
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Don't be bound by language or location

Our coaching community includes experts from all over the world, speaking over 20 different languages. And because you can access our platform from anywhere with an internet connection, you don’t need to worry about travel costs or time.
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Certified coaches

Know You More coaches hold professional qualifications in coaching and are members of leading professional coaching bodies such as ICF, EMCC, ILM or Association for Coaching. They’re committed to their development, which we support within our community platform.
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