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A free personal leadership programme for young adults

Level Up is a strengths-based coaching programme. Its intention is to help you be the best version of yourself, with the confidence to share your unique skills and perspectives in creating a better world for yourself, for others, and for the environment that we all share.

Key features

Free for anyone aged 18-25
From any personal and professional background
3 x 1 hour coaching sessions
Delivered by a diverse community of experienced coaches

Skills for life

There are many decisions we have to make and experiences that are new to us when making our way into early adulthood. From planning the next steps in your education, to starting a new job or moving to a different city, Level Up will provide you with a supportive space to explore your interests, strengths and explore the paths open to you.

Life & leadership skills
We help you develop important skills to lead your life, education and career.
We support you in connecting and celebrating who you are and what you want, achieving the clarity you need to build your future.
You’ll experience an improved sense of wellbeing, confidence and happiness.

Why coaching?

Coaching is a powerful development experience that can support you in many areas of your life. Our coaches don’t judge or tell you what to do. They provide a listening ear, and sometimes a supportive nudge, to help you work out what is right for you and your future.
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Our research based approach

Research has proven that when we focus on strengths we...
... are happier, have a higher sense of vitality and good mental health.
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... are more creative, agile and confident and experience faster growth and development as a result.
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... have more meaning and a greater sense of satisfaction in our lives.

How does it work?

Getting started

To begin, scroll to the end of this page to register on our platform. You’ll be able to see the terms and conditions and we’ll ask you to fillin a short profile.

Understanding your strengths

At the start of your programme, you will complete a short online questionnaire. Your answers will be assessed and you will receive the results. You will then explore these results with your coach. They will help you identify with and connect to your strengths as well as how to apply them in day to day life.

Working with your coach

You will work with your personal coach who believes in you and your potential. They will work side by side with you over a programme of 3 x 1 hour virtual conversations and provide you with resources and tools to support your learning.

Hear it from them...

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“My coach helped me with very useful suggestions and encouraged me to set up plans to rebuild confidence. Because of the trust that my coach has given me, I made my best to live up to his trust. The result is joyful. My coach is always my reliable supporter as well as an excellent listener.”
Coaching and discussing what I initially considered personal difficulties/challenges has helped me become a lot more decisive and put certain situations in the past which in turn helped me construct a clearer plan of what I want to achieve.”
“I have become more confident in communicating with others and my performances in studies have been remarkably improved.”
“Coaching has enabled me to identify my future goals and the steps I need to take to achieve them. Coaching has also helped me better understand myself, my hobbies, the direction I want to take in life. Because of this I feel as though I'm now leading my life with a much greater sense of clarity, making decisions and taking opportunities for my future that I wouldn't have before.”
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Our mission

For every commercial client we work with, we commit to dedicating our own resources and expertise to designing and delivering free development experiences for young people from all backgrounds.
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