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We'll help you design, deliver and manage personalised and effective virtual coaching for everyone in your organisation—from entry to exec-level.

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What type of digital coaching do you need?

Employee coaching with Know You More is personalised, scalable, and flexible. You can manage each coaching journey on our platform—and measure your return on investment with ease.Work with our coaches, bring your own, or use a blend of both to deliver flexible coaching in the way that best suits your company and your people.Employee coaching enables you to:
Unlock people’s potential
Promote employee engagement
Increase performance
Our coaching for employees
With Know You More, you can tailor your 1:1 or group leadership coaching in the way you know will work for your leaders.Scalable and flexible, you can measure each coaching journey—and your return on investment, with ease. Work with our coaches, bring your own — or use a blend of both to deliver leadership coaching to best suit your company. Leadership coaching will enable you to:
Develop resilient leaders
Effectively navigate change and business transformation
Develop leadership skills
Our coaching for leaders

The benefits of coaching cultures

Create lasting positive change
92% of leaders say they see a positive diference in their people’s performance after coaching.
Set your people up for success
89% of coachees say coaching played a significant part in achieving their development goals.
Grow your internal capability
Organisations with a strong coaching culture achieve revenue above their industry peers.

Grow your ROI with self-sustaining coaching

Different elements of our offering can be combined, enabling your employees to become coaches within your organisation and pass their new skills on to the people around them.Coaching skills help you create a positive and psychologically safe workplace culture where everyone can be their best self.

Want to host your own coaches?

The KYM platform is designed to support all your coaching journeys. It’s easy to use and offers a host of functionalities to simplify the experience of HR managers, coachees and coaches. Matching, detailed tracking and reporting dashboard, chat, and file sharing make it the perfect platform to host your existing coaching community.As part of the platform membership, your coaches get access to our internationally recognised CPD framework, a portfolio of activities to benefit every aspect of their practice.
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Why digital coaching?

Digital coaching enables you to deliver transformational learning experiences to individuals and teams, at a fraction of the cost of in-person coaching. Scalability, simple impact measurement and higher ROI are just a few of the reasons why a growing number of organisation choose our virtual coaching services.
What is virtual coaching

Why Know You More?

The flexible way to design, deliver and manage individualised people development experiences for everyone in your organisation.
  • Combine our diverse community of certified coaches with your own internal team.
  • Design, deliver and measure bespoke programmes on the Know You More platform.
  • We are the only socially-driven coaching provider and platform. Join us in our mission to help everyone reach their full potential in the workplace, from interns to execs.

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