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Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching is a powerful human learning experience enabled by technology to deliver impactful results at a fraction of the cost.

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Virtual coaching, often referred to as digital coaching, is an in-person coaching conversation that is delivered over a video conferencing service such as Zoom or Microsoft Team

A skilled coach uses a combination of observation, questioning, listening and feedback to create a conversation rich in insight. Enabling a coachee to develop a greater clarity and appreciation of their own circumstances. Greater self-knowledge and understanding create new ways to approach challenges and achieve goals. Ultimately, virtual coaching supports individuals to become more productive, happy and motivated leaders and team players.

Better than traditional leadership training

Unlike traditional leadership training, each coaching experience is individualised, fluid and flexible. It’s uniquely built around your employee’s goals and challenges, combining a variety of tools to create a person-centric development experience.

The virtues of virtual coaching

Global coaching network

A digital provision allows us to pinpoint the best match for every coachee. Whether it be background, skill set or learning style, virtual allows us to craft the coaching experience that will have the biggest impact.

Human connection

Effective virtual learning is rooted in human connection, allowing the coach and coachee to establish a two-way discussion and build trust and rapport that are essential to the success of any coaching relationship.
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Efficient and scalable

By taking commuting and location out of the equation, virtual coaching helps you save time and financial resources, ultimately allowing you to support the development of more people.
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Measurable impact

Gain full oversight of your coaching by delivering your programme through our digital platform. Access, analyse and share feedback and measurement data to track progress and manage your coachees and internal coaches in one place.
"Virtual coaching allows businesses to deliver human learning and development at a fraction of the resources and financial investment as face to face offerings."

Reaping the benefits of virtual coaching

Workforce benefits

  • Coaching enables your workforce to build resilience in the face of change, promoting adaptability and facilitating transitions.
  • Virtual coaching helps your people develop continuous learning mindsets that are essential to innovation.
  • It allows your employees to access a sustainable approach to wellbeing, including strategies and tools to promote mental and physical health in an out of the workplace.

Organisational benefits

  • Virtual coaching makes employees feel valued, supported and listened to, allowing you to build cultures that attract and retain top talent.
  • Coaching promotes employee engagement, which in turn is essential in order to maintain high levels of productivity.
  • By increasing self-awareness and connecting leaders and employees to their strengths and sense of purpose, coaching helps teams achieve more and increase performance.

4 steps to deliver your virtual coaching with Know You More

Designing the coaching experience
Work with our team to co-develop a virtual coaching programme from scratch, or let our experts design the coaching experience around your unique needs and goals.
Onboarding your workforce
We prepare your employees for the experience and match them to carefully selected coaches. They can work with our award-winning coach community, or you can choose to use your own coaches.
Coaching delivery
The coachig starts and sessions are delivered thorugh the Know You More platform, allowing coach and coachee to schedule sessions, chat and exchange files between sessions. Coaches support the learning experience with guidance, personalised resources and reflection support.
Measure the impact
Each coaching experience is measured for its impact on the individual and organisational level. Reports and insight, as well as coachee feedback, are shared throughout the programme, and live data is available through the manager dashboard.

Achieve more with our virtual coaching platform

  • Managed coachee experience, from onboarding to post-programme development plan.
  • User-friendly experience for session scheduling, chat and file sharing.
  • Track spending, sessions and activity live on the manager dashboard.
  • Evaluation and measurement data reported when you need it.
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