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One on one coaching

One to one leadership and workforce coaching programmes are designed to enhance self-learning and maximise performance.

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One on one coaching is the most personalised professional development experience for your key employees. In a one to one programme, each coachee will work towards a unique set of goals with the support of an experienced and accredited coach.

From matching to sessions delivery and impact tracking, Know You More one on one coaching programmes combine the power of technology with our coaching community’s expertise and skill to bring a transformational learning experience to your workforce.

Your people’s one on one coaching experience

We prepare your employees for their coaching journey and invite them to complete a profile on the Know You More platform.
Goal setting
Participants can evaluate their priorities, set measurable goals and determine what they want to achieve as a result of the coaching experience.
Each coachee is matched with a carefully selected coach. We keep into account a wide range of factors to ensure the best match – from language to professional background to coaching specialisations.
Video coaching sessions are delivered on-demand to your employees, who self-manage the scheduling and pace of the coaching experience to fit their individual needs. Coaches provide practical tools and resources to enhance learning between sessions.
Impact measurement
Feedback and progress measurement data is collected throughout the programme and reported to you when you need it, allowing you to easily measure your coaching ROI.

Delivered by world-class coaches

Know You More coaching is delivered by a global community of accredited coaches, located across 14 countries and coaching inover 20 languages.
Our coaching community brings together a diverse range of professional backgrounds and coaching expertise to meet the complex development needs of your people.
Our coaching community

One on one coaching at every level

Achieve more with our virtual coaching platform

  • Managed coachee experience, from onboarding to post-programme development plan
  • User-friendly experience for session scheduling, chat and file sharing
  • Track spending, sessions and activity live on the manager dashboard
  • Evaluation and measurement data reported when you need it
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The benefits of one to one coaching

Each individual will have different goals, but what connects every coaching experience is the one-to-one human relationship that is developed between coach and coachee.

As part of this partnership, the coach will use a combination of observation, questioning, listening and feedback to create a conversation rich in insight, to help the coachee in achieving their objectives.

A few examples of what can be achieved through one to one coaching are:
  • Better communication, listening and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to set clear goals and prioritise tasks
  • Better wellbeing and work-life balance
  • Improved confidence as a leader
  • Better problem solving and creative thinking abilities

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