In recent years, the value of coaching as a staff development resource has become even more evident. Organisations have come to appreciate how they can improve productivity and increase revenue by creating and nurturing a better supported and more confident workforce.

Many have also come to understand its strategic value. According to McKinsey research, companies with strong cultures achieve up to 3x higher total returns to shareholders than companies with an unfocused culture. Coaching cultures, where coaching is embedded pervasively as a model of practice, are one of the most effective ways of doing just that. Rooted in collaboration, self-leadership, learning, and openness, they help build resilient and innovative teams, where every individual is empowered to make their contribution.

However, coaching cultures can be challenging to build. And a ‘coaching for everyone’ approach isn't always the best solution. Even when coaching is offered to an entire workforce, a standardised approach can lead to organisations missing out on the more long term – and less talked about – benefits.

Accessible coaching transforms cultures

Organisational success is intrinsically linked to culture. When it comes to building coaching cultures, making coaching truly accessible across your workforce plays a pivotal role. In our experience, this isn't necessarily about onboarding all your employees on a coaching app. Instead, our approach focuses on creating a coaching offer that can meet people where they are, is available in the right place, at the right time and delivered in a way that's effective and easy to manage.

Some employees will most benefit from one to one coaching, others from connecting with peers in a group setting where they can address common challenges, whilst key leaders could be ideally placed to learn coaching skills and pay them forward to their coworkers and teams. Some might even go a step further and become accredited internal coaches, nurturing a community within the community. Those recipients, in turn, do the same for the teams they lead, setting the foundations for a culture shift.

What is self-sustaining coaching?

At Know You More, we've developed a unique methodology to help organisations build and nurture a coaching culture that can support itself over time. Our model draws on our years of experience, so that you don't have choose between an offering that's designed specifically around you and one that's easy to manage.

We start by meeting you where you are, to understand your goals and design a strategy that works for your people. Each of our services below can be delivered independently or combined to grow your people into internal coaches, who are then hosted, supported and developed. All in one place.

You'll be able to:

  • Offer digital 1:1, group and team coaching, on demand or to selected staff groups.
  • Access end-to-end hosting of external and internal coaches, designed to uncomplicate your coaching community management. All coaches also gain access to our award-winning portfolio of CPD activities, supervision and events.
  • Bring coaching skills training to your leaders to grow your internal coaching capacity.

Think of these as building blocks that can be combined into the model, timeline, and level of capacity that works for you and your people.

Why coaching communities?

As opposed to simply building up a bank of coaching hours with a narrow focus, the creation of an internal community has the potential to generate a much higher value for your business. Communities are organic, they offer opportunities for engagement and peer support, fostering environments where every conversation can become a coaching conversation.

They also help you reduce your reliance on external providers, nurturing long term relationships internally and promoting a coaching approach as a model of practice that every employee can use in their work.

On the organisational level, the benefits of equipping more of your people with coaching skills are far-reaching. From higher retention and greater employee commitment, to increased performance and more effective learning, these skills enable leaders and staff at any level to understand the motivation and talents of their colleagues to unlock energy, creativity and commitment.

Ultimately, coaching cultures build stronger and more resilient workforces who take greater accountability for their actions and contribute more effectively to reaching the organisation’s strategic goals. Over 95% of the leaders we worked with since 2020 reported better results at engaging employees, developing their strengths and setting clear expectations through everyday conversations, after acquiring coaching skills.

Let's bring coaching to more or your people

In practical terms, there isn’t a single roadmap that works for every business. Our services can be delivered to meet the immediate needs of your organisation and then develop in line with your growth strategy to help you build a coaching culture from the ground up.  

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