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Young workforce

Providing a framework that allows young team members to confidently navigate the leap from education to workplace benefits everyone

Attracting young talent provides opportunities for an often-overlooked sector. However, our research has shown that the transition from education to workplace is more challenging than ever.

Employers report that while undeniably book-smart, some lack the vital soft skills which are more difficult to learn in an education setting. Communication, critical thinking, decision making and emotional intelligence are crucial in creating self-aware, engaged and valuable staff. 

Our Young Workforce programme helps develop those skills and build a more resilient group of employees empowered to take control of their professional development.

Who benefits?

  • Graduates
  • Apprenticeship candidates
  • Youth employment training scheme participants
  • School leavers

Young Workforce coaching delivers

  • A greater awareness of strengths and areas for development
  • A strong connection between personal values and company goals
  • A clear sense of their role within the organisation
  • Staff who are effective, productive and operationally ready with newly developed critical soft skills
  • New staff with a commitment to continued development

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