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Returning to work

Well considered returner coaching programmes provide competitive advantages for employers and a safe and positive experience for returning staff

The employee experience is organic. From changes in working patterns, to going back to work after significant life events, we partner with you to provide the highest level of support during these transitions. Finding and retaining the best talent should be the ultimate goal for every company, yet so many let high achieving, highly skilled workers slip through their fingers.

Returners bring a wealth of life and work experience that can benefit an organisation and a programme that focusses on delivering the best support for those coming back to work has far reaching benefits for the organisation and the individual.

Who benefits?

  • Those returning to work after furlough
  • Parental returners
  • Those returning after a period of long-term sick leave or serious illness
  • Sabbatical returners

What Returner Coaching delivers

  • A framework to retain talent
  • A more diverse and compassionate workplace
  • More confident transitions for all parties
  • A means to prevent skills gaps
  • An opportunity to learn and grow through sharing experiences gained outside the organisation

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