Edinburgh, Scotland – 11th May 2020

The pressure on our health and social care sectors has never been greater. They have risen to the challenge of Covid 19 with professionalism and dignity, now is the time for a package of support that can guide them through this challenge, limiting the impact on their lives that being on the front lines will undoubtedly bring.

We have linked with Promis, the National Wellbeing Hub created by the Scottish Government, to provide free one-to-one coaching for NHS health and social care staff struggling to make sense of life and work during a global pandemic.

The COVID 19 outbreak and lockdown, the subsequent measures on restriction of movement, not to mention the fluidity of the situation, makes this a challenging and frightening time for all of us.  The National Wellbeing Hub provides practical information and includes resources for self-care, childcare, financial advice and leadership.

We’ve created two free coaching options that provide digital coaching for leaders to help guide them through the best methods of supporting their teams and themselves.  Specifically linked to building resilience and identifying positive strategies, and bringing clarity and focus to a complex and ever-changing landscape. They both offer guidance on leadership by example, creating a supportive culture and engaging staff with support and help wherever it may be needed.

The Hub involves specialists from across the health and social care sectors such as the NHS, Royal College of Nursing, Social Care Scotland, Cosla and Unison who have come together to pool their expertise to support those who are supporting us. It has never been more important to protect the mental health and general wellbeing of those in frontline positions, and the goal of the Hub is to ensure that there are adequate resources available from a central point, so that no individual becomes overwhelmed with the pressures of these vital roles.  As a result, Know You More will be providing digital coaching to over 440,000 people from 1000 different organisations in their biggest and most ambitious project to date.

The UK has not seen a medical emergency of this scale in over 100 years and it’s vital that first responders have a safe space to discuss personal development, decision making and self-care, find answers to their questions and the support they need to stay strong.

There has never been a more important time to support and nurture our frontline workers.  We are delighted to be delivering a vital and valuable service to those most in need during this unprecedented time. Our coaching options are designed to help to bring clarity and confidence, both in a professional and personal sense. Equipping staff with skills that will carry them through this period of national emergency and beyond.

The National Wellbeing Hub is a partnership between national, local and professional bodies with a shared passion for looking after the emotional and psychological wellbeing of our country’s health and social services workers.  You can find out more on how to sign up here:


We are uniquely placed, as leaders in the field of digital coaching, to provide this service and give back, in some small way, to those giving everything to ensure our safety, and that of our loved ones during a worldwide pandemic.

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Tim Mart, CEO

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