Edinburgh, Scotland – 10th December 2019

Know You More (“Know You More”), U.K.’s emerging leader in executive-level coaching at scale is pleased to announce the success of its bid to support staff in Health and Social Care in Scotland in partnership with Project Lift through the provision of digital coaching to develop people across Scotland to transform care.

With a vision to create a future in which people have the courage, compassion and confidence to be their best self and inspire others around them, Know You More has been providing coaching since 2016 helping people develop the essential skills and behaviors to improve leadership, mental wellness, and support career transition.

Tim Mart, CEO and Co-founder of Know You More, said: “It’s so exciting for us to be part of the amazing Project Lift joint initiative by the Scottish Government and NHS Education for Scotland. It’s an honour for us to help deliver this new dawn for health and social care in Scotland and support the NHS in cultivating leadership that more effectively meets the needs of their people and the people they serve. As a social enterprise, this partnership will also help us achieve our own mission in tackling social mobility through the skills development of young adults in Scotland.”

Dave Caesar, heading up the Scottish Government team delivering Project Lift stated: “Project Lift believes that everyone in our wider health and care system can be a leader, regardless of role and that the individual potential of each person is unique and valuable. We want to help staff believe they are a leader, to see their own potential and to explore what that looks like for them. Digital coaching allows us to offer one of the most impactful means of development to staff in any role and in any location – from Shetland to the Borders and from Arran to Fife – and to do this in an effective and valuable way.”

Further adding: “By working with Know You More we can connect brilliant coaches to leaders who may not usually have that opportunity. It’s a first for us and we love finding new, innovative ways to support leadership in all roles. We are also inspired and excited to be supporting young people through the social enterprise element of this agreement, providing coaching to young people in Scotland to help them fulfill their potential.”

Know You More has already worked with the NHS in England and is supporting leadership development, career transitions and mental wellbeing across public sector. As a seamless digital platform enabling employers to quickly and cost-effectively provide their people the coaching support they need, Know You More continues to support more and more organisations in the private and public sector across Scotland and the rest of the country.

About Know You More

Know You More is a company based in Scotland, delivering the simplest way for organisations to provide their people with executive-level coaching at scale. It’s on a mission to create thriving cultures within organisations and communities by combining the power of real human conversation with innovative technologies. With clients in the U.K. and abroad spanning both the corporate and public sector, including National Health Service (NHS), Siemens, Novartis, Ocado, St. Andrews University and many more. To learn more, visit https://www.knowyoumore.com

Tim Mart, CEO

About Project Lift

Project Lift is a small dedicated team based in NES, SSSC and Scottish Government’s Health and Social Care Directorate working with individuals, teams and the wider system to support a more human approach to leadership across Health and Care. They have a huge ambition to be one of the many groups practically aspiring to bring about transformation in health and care in Scotland. Focusing on communities, leadership in all roles and believing that the most sustainable responses to the complex issues in health & care lie in compassion, collaboration and the collective engagement of all those involved. To learn more, visit https://www.projectlift.scot