Online Coaching for Wellbeing for Education Practitioners

Provided by the Scottish Government and delivered by Know You More.

Education Practitioners includes all staff that work in schools, CLD and ELC in Scotland.
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This online coaching programme has been designed to support you with any of the challenges you are facing right now and focussing on your wellbeing. We have heard you and understand that work and life are not separate so we are offering this space to talk about personal as well as professional challenges.

How are you feeling now? Is it time for you to focus on your own health and wellbeing?

Has your confidence in delivering your role been impacted due to pressures at work or in your private life?

Are you a leader who wants to support your colleagues or team members?

If the answer to any one of these questions is “Yes”, you may benefit from two hours of free coaching, designed specifically to support all education providers.

What is coaching and how could it help me?

Coaching is a safe, confidential, enabling and developmental relationship which is tailored to your specific needs, style and context. Your coach will walk alongside you and support you to explore, understand and act on whatever is important for you.

Coaching enables you to draw on and make the most of your own strengths, experience, skills and resources.

It will offer you a safe space to reflect on what is going on for you right now with support to explore and make positive changes.
To what extent has your confidence in being able to manage your own health and wellbeing at this time increased since engaging in coaching?

Hear it from your colleagues
“100%.  Through discussion with my Coach, I was able to identify some 'triggers' that acted as barriers to positive thinking about a few aspects of my work.”

“The sessions have helped me to be able to reflect on situations and react accordingly instead of panicking. I feel I’ve gained some understanding of why I react the way I do and to be honest I think I could have benefited from more coaching.”

“My confidence in my abilities have grown, therefore improving my work performance, relationships with my colleagues and my communication skills have improved as well.”
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What can this service offer you?

This coaching service is designed to support you with any of the issues you are facing because we know that work and life are not separate, there will be space to talk about personal as well as professional issues. This includes support in building your resilience, and helping you take action to improve your wellbeing. Where appropriate, you can also explore how you lead and support others.
The offer: Two hours of 1:1 coaching

Your coach will guide you through a process that will start by helping you make sense of what is happening for you right now, and to clarify what you want to focus on and the difference you intend to make for yourself through coaching.

They will work alongside you to help you achieve your goal, tailoring the journey to suit you by using the process, skills and tools that will support you best. There is no ‘one right way’ for this kind of dialogue to work. You and your coach can work together with as much or as little structure as you wish and decide the balance of reflection and pragmatic action that suits your needs.

You will also be supported to develop some self-coaching skills to recognise and manage triggers as well as identifying your existing strengths that have helped you face challenging times in the past.
You are likely to conclude your coaching with new ways of understanding yourself and your situation, clarity as to how you can play to your strengths and further strategies available to you for staying on track.

You will meet your coach online using a virtual face-to-face tool that suits you and your coach. You can divide the two hours available to you however works best to achieve your aim.

What information will we need from you?

The coaching service is provided by the Scottish Government in collaboration with Education Scotland and delivered by Know You More. When you sign up you will be asked to share some information about yourself to help us find the right coach for you and to help us to assess the effectiveness of the service. Your profile should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.
All personally identifiable information will be held in strict confidence and will not be shared with any other parties. The content of your coaching sessions will remain strictly confidential between you and your coach. More information on how your data will be handled will be available if you apply.