We’re hugely excited to be able to bring you up to speed on a project we’ve been working on since December 2017. Like many young organisations, we’re constantly reflecting on what we do and how we do it. And, more importantly, we review how we can add more value and be the most useful group of humans we can be.


As a Community Interest Company, our focus has always been on working with young adults within the third sector. As a result, we’ve delivered over 400 coaching sessions over the last 2 years through our network of passionate coaches. Working with the likes of Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, Change Agents UK and the University of St. Andrews has proved that our model works. But, for us, it didn’t feel like we were making the most of the opportunity we created. There was something holding us back – that something was money.


As a self-sustaining social enterprise, we’d either have to access funding, or support charities in their quest to secure funding. In short, money was a barrier. We knew that there had to be a better model that removed the dependency on external funding.


We secured some funding from SIS which allowed us to fund the project that we can now share with you. That funding enabled us to bring in some external help from two people we know very well. Caroline from Social Good HQ and Kevin from The Story Edge. Together we’ve worked to take my initial concept and turn it into reality.


Here’s the concept




The basic premise is very simple. We’ll continue to offer coaching to young people focussed organisations, but now, we’ll be able to do so at no cost to those charitable organisations. What might have cost them £5,000 will now cost them nothing. That cost will be funded by the new coaching services we offer to commercial organisations.


So, for example, we’ve been coaching some graduates at a Scottish investment company. The profit we make from that project will be placed in our impact fund. The money from that fund will be used to deliver coaching and support to other charitable organisations with a young person focus. We’re already working with commercial clients and have a pool of 12 organisations that are keen to access our Impact Fund.


This model is key to Know You More making the biggest difference it can to young adults from all backgrounds. But hopes, dreams and aspirations aren’t enough. We have to make this happen, and we have to be able to share that impact in as clear a way as possible.


We’re building something special here and are proud of the progress we’re making, but there’s a lot of hard work ahead to get us to where we want to be.  Our social impact work is the first critical step on the journey to becoming the organisation we know we’re capable of being. Head over to the ‘Our Impact’ page to learn more about how we measure success.


But that’s not all that’s changed. Our website has enjoyed a fresh lick of paint, some new pages, lots of new words and a new domain (we’re now knowyoumore.com) The truth is, the site didn’t really reflect the business we’ve become. It didn’t represent the shared vision we have for what Know You More really is. Take a look around the site and you’ll see that for yourself.


And, if what you see inspires you to be part of our journey either as a coach, as a charitable beneficiary or as the leader of people who would benefit from the power of coaching, then let’s talk. Drop me an email or click here to book a short introductory call here: https://calendly.com/timknowyoumore/30min/


Tim Mart