How does Know You More’s digital coaching platform help HR and Learning teams offer executive-level coaching to people across every level of their organisation?

Let us introduce you to Catherine in the video above (less than 2- minute watch)


Catherine is responsible for the development of the people at her company. They believe in coaching to grow their people and their culture.


People like Siobhan, who has just been promoted and is leading a sales team for the first time


People like Andrea, who is returning from her maternity leave


And people like Chris who is preparing for a presentation to their client in Germany.


Catherine supports all these people with coaching from Know You More


They are expertly matched with their coach and start their coaching together. 


The platform helps them track the progress on their development goals.


Each coaching programme is measured and Catherine can see the impact…


Siobhan is having better conversations with her team and leading them to a great performance


Andrea has made a confident transition back into her team with and is successfully balancing her career and family


Chris nailed the presentation and their client wants to start two more projects


From large corporates to SMEs, Know You More is the on-demand coaching solution for everyone in your organisation.


This video was made with a wonderful group of people to whom we are incredibly grateful.


A huge thank you to:


Alice, Evelyn, John, Caroline, Ann, Rhona, Diana, Ewan, Madeline, Neil, Arran, Chris, Zhour, Lizzie, Veronika, Megan

The video team

You are all absolute stars! 


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