Getting to Know Us More

Empowering young adults and loving every minute of it!

Our Mission

Our approach allows us to reach young people from all backgrounds. Every time we coach a someone within an organisation, we do the same for a young adult working with a charity partner.


We can all shape our future and lead a life that’s fulfilling and fun. That journey starts by knowing who we are and what motivates us. We believe that a deeper level of self-knowledge is critical when making the transition from the world of education to the world of work and beyond. There are no formulas, cookie cutters or prescriptions to help. Everyone is different and how we learn about ourselves, is also different.

Know You More exists to accelerate the self-development of young adults.
We’re committed to coaching them to have the skills and confidence to think for themselves so they can take control. And, by empowering young people, the benefits go way beyond the individual. Employers, social enterprises and the wider community reap the rewards of confident and engaged young people.

Our mission is to empower young adults to make the impact they want to make in the World.

How does it work?

As a Community Interest Company (CIC), our impact on the development of young adults is at the heart of we do. See how the delivery of our service is reinvested into charity partners.

How we do it

Together with our accredited, qualified, for-purpose coaches we partner with values-driven organisations invested empowering their workforce. Enabling them to identify and retain their talent whilst developing them as leaders of the future.

The team that delivers


Kate Hesk

I’m the author of our Know You Canvas and diagnostic tool, which is the approach that underpins the way that we work at Know You More. A key part of my role is ensuring the quality of the coaching experience through the development of the coaching community. I also invest a lot of my time nurturing client relationships and developing business opportunities.


Chirag Mehta

I take care of the software and product development of our Know You More platform. I make sure that the team and our community of coaches have the support they need to get the most out of our platform. My key role is to manage the product roadmap to make sure we’re always building for the future.

Tim Mart

I’m the man that runs the good ship Know You More on a day-to-day basis. I’m responsible for developing our strategy and key partner relationships. I manage our social impact projects and spend a lot of my time growing the business by creating collaborative partnerships. I’m the link man in the team that ensures our delivery runs successfully.

Alice Bellini

I’m the graphic designer behind the Know You More brand. I work closely with the rest of the team to make sure we add a visual element to how we communicate. I spend most of my time creating graphical elements for our website content and producing documents that help with our sales and marketing.


Nicola Cardy

I’m responsible for taking Know You More all over the World. I develop the strategy for making the Know You More platform accessible to young adults in new countries. I spend most of my time building relationships with coaches and exploring partnership opportunities with organisations.


Adam Nosal

I’m responsible for the service and UX design at Know You More. I’m interested in utilising technology to create engaging and inclusive human learning experiences. I also design learning programmes and their delivery for Know You More. Self-learning experiences that enable people to become more effective when making their impact in the World.

Our Partners

Know us more

Hi, I’m Kate, co-founder of Know You More. If you’d like to learn more about what we’re up to and the latest news from Know You More please share your email below.