We are featured in the January edition (Volume 14) of the leading industry publication ‘Coaching at Work’. It is a troubleshooting piece under the title ‘Time to Cool Off’. It’s focussed on John, a CEO whose team are unable to switch off after work. He needs to reduce stress and, thus, increase productivity.

It is a common tale within teams and across today’s fast-paced workplace. For the modern employee, there is a performance to deliver, a family to manage and ambitions to achieve. It leaves little space to stop the doing and invest the time to think. Left untouched this daily grind impacts performance, effectiveness and may lead to burning out.

Companies taking a proactive approach to people development invest in methods that equip people with the tools as well as provide the all-important ‘time out’ to balance performance and wellbeing. The investment made today is recognised as a preventative measure against a bigger future cost of increased sickness and absence.

In her article, Kate draws upon a specific experience with a Know You More client to illustrate how on-demand coaching made the difference. You can read Kate’s full Coaching at Work article through this link.

In 2018, we shared another client story of a new team coming together and experiencing similar challenges which you can read here.

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