Know You More has been fundamentally concerned with the environmental crisis since its conception in 2016 and our commitment to online, paperless, travel-less coaching delivery is a testament to this. Yet, since 2016 the world has continued to heat up and so has our passion for climate action. This month’s COP-26 reminded us to pause, reflect and discuss the climate crisis within our community, particularly as it all took place on our doorstep in sunny Glasgow. 

The climate crisis affects all our minds and lives differently and for this reason feelings and conversations around climate change can be tricky to navigate. This reality is magnified by the increasing urgency of the situation and the subsequent rise in overwhelm and anxiety around it. 

We are asking ourselves more than ever about the role of coaching in the climate crisis. What does this role look like? How can coaches join (and facilitate) the climate conversation? How can coaching support climate and environmental leadership?

Climate coaching programmes like the AoEC’s and Linda Aspey’s pathways to deeper climate conversations framework show us that coaching’s role in the climate crisis is about navigating the nuances of the situation. It’s about facilitating deeper conversations, providing space for the processing of the emotions incited by the crisis’ magnitude and sensitively helping to motivate, instigate and guide meaningful action. At KYM we could not be more ready to further integrate climate into our coaching delivery and continue to expand the positive social impact of coaching through climate action!