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Build Up logo that reads: "Build Up with Know You More"

A free coaching skills training programme for young adults

Build Up is a digital development experience designed to equip you with coaching skills that will make a difference in your career, leadership and life.

A coaching skills programme for all young adults

Free for anyone aged 18-25
For everyone - from any personal and professional background
Delivered by a diverse faculty of highly accredited coaches & mentors
A recognised step and qualification towards coaching accreditation

Skills for young leadership

The impact of coaching skills on your internal, personal and professional life is widely recognised for its high value:

Personal life
Improved self-awareness and ability to engage in positive self-care to support your wellbeing.
Ability to integrate different perspectives and experiences to build stronger and authentic relationships.
Leadership and early career
Cultivating self-confidence and self-knowledge helps you find your authentic leadership style that others actively choose to follow.

How does it work

Build Up is a programme delivered through a mixture of digital content, dialogue and practical experience. This variety of different formats incorporates trainers’ coaching experience and maximises the expertise of the Build Up participants’ collective mind.
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Key features

  • Pre-programme coaching sessions (only if you haven’t experienced coaching before)
  • 50 hours of learning content spread out over 8 months
  • Designed to be integrated easily with study/work
  • 50% self-directed study
  • 50% timetabled activities, scheduled in advance to fit your work/study commitments
  • Dedicated 1:1 coach-mentoring
  • Learning supported by additional resources
  • Coaching practice with real clients

After Build Up

New skills for your everyday activities
These transferable skills can be applied immediately in your personal life, studies, career and activism. They are also designed to withstand change and cultivate development and growth.
Becoming an accredited coach
The Build Up certification is evidence of the professional development and coaching hours you have completed, which you can use in the path towards full accreditation.
Working with Know You More
There is the opportunity to develop your coaching with Know You More whilst working towards professional accreditation. Leading ultimately to joining Know You More and having coaching as a work stream in a variety of flexible ways.

What participants are saying

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“I find myself applying the learning in everyday situations, like actively listening when talking to friends and focusing more on what other people are saying rather than what I am going to say next in the conversation.”
“For an opportunity with no cost, I'm surprised by the level of support and material available to help you make the most of this. The professional coaches are always on hand to answer questions and the allocated coaches help you create a longer term plan and grow further personally and as a coach.”
“The learning from this programme has already positively impacted my work as a Customer Success Manager as I'm able to connect with my customers better and ask better questions. My learnings are helping my grow professionally and accelerate my career.”
“Build Up is delivered by coaches who have a great amount of experience and I think this is the most valuable aspect of the programme.”
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Know You More’s mission

The prospect of increasing confidence in coaching skills in younger leaders like you offers a real possibility of making a difference in how we tackle the personal, interpersonal, cultural and global challenges of today and tomorrow. Yet, these skills are far from being widely available to young adults.
  • It is estimated that less than 5% of coaches in the UK are 30 or younger
  • The average cost of coaching accreditation ranges between £4,000 and £12,000
Know You More is a digital coaching organisation with a social purpose. We reinvest our profits into our social enterprise activities that focus on using coaching to develop leadership skills in the 18-25 year old population.  Our vision is to grow the reach of coaching beyond its traditional boundaries and to a more diverse and intergenerational audience.
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