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Regenerative Leadership
A framework for driving meaningful change

An interactive learning experience for leaders willing to pioneer a new, life-affirming way of designing teams, systems and businesses. For leaders who believe there's a better way and are curious about exploring – individually and as part of a community of allies – ways to step up to create an impact in the areas that matter to them.

"We aim to support leaders in aligning their way of being with the living systems around them, allowing curiosity and courage to make life affirming choices."

Programme highlights

10-12 hours learning commitment over 5 weeks
Two facilitated group coaching sessions
Two 121 coaching sessions with your own coach
self-reflection and frameworks tailored to your unique goals
Learn with a diverse community of leaders, all desiring a new path to building thriving and resilient businesses and organisations
CPD Certificate of Completion

On completion of this programme, you will have:

A structured personal action plan

Your actionable plan to achieve your goals and continue your development as a Regenerative Leader.

In-depth knowledge of the Regenerative Leadership approach

A framework to inspire and guide your leadership practice.

Practical tools, frameworks & resources

Your own toolkit to tap into and apply to different aspects of your leadership practice.

Who is the programme for?

How will you learn

Reap the combined benefits of individual, collective and community learning.

Group coaching
Learn collectively

These sessions will cover the theory underpinning the Regenerative Leadership model. You will gain insight on how to apply this framework to cultivate thriving organisations and teams.

1:1 coaching
Learn with your coach

Your coach will support your thinking and challenge you to explore new approaches and perspectives, as you develop your action plan. You will dig deeper into your individual needs and objectives, and identify a path to achieve them.

Self-study & self-reflection
Learn individually

Between coaching sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to build on your learning and take your reflective practice to the next level with assignments and resources provided by your coach.

Why Regenerative Leadership?

Now more than ever, a new approach to leadership is needed for businesses, people and the planet to flourish. Regenerative Leadership is an innovative leadership approach with a systemic worldview that aims to restore, preserve, and enhance people, society, and the environment. It is a purposeful and empathetic leadership that focuses on fostering partnerships between people and nature. It provides a framework centred on creating thriving ecosystems, and fostering equitable and sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders.
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Meet the host coach

Camilla Degerth
Camilla is a professional Coach (PCC with ICF) with extensive experience from working and living across three continents supporting professionals, emerging leaders and executives through times of change. She invites life affirming topics such as climate awareness, equality and inclusion and belonging into her conversations.

Programme curriculum

Onboarding & welcome pack

Complete your profile, join our Slack Community and get ready to meet your host coach and fellow participants.

Group coaching - Session 1

Defining Regenerative Leadership
Why is Regenerative Leadership important in today's world
Bridging the Complexity Gap
Habits of a Regenerative Leader
Key learnings to succeed as a Regenerative Leader

1:1 Coaching and self-learning

Deepen your learning and map out your action plan with your own coach. Between sessions, you will work on self-reflective assignments on Self-awareness and Self-Care, two critical elements to successful Regenerative Leadership.

Group coaching - Session 2

Choosing your passion
How to take action and succeed
Creating your action plan

Continued access to the learning community

We continue to connect as a community, united by the ambition and commitment to step up and bring about positive change.

Programme content

You will learn about all aspects of Regenerative Leadership and how to apply this framework to your individual situation.

The six traits or habits of Regenerative Leaders

You will explore how to develop your leadership within a Systemic, Inclusive, Strategic, Caring, Innovative, and Courageous approach.

Why is Regenerative Leadership needed today?

You will understand the difference between leadership in general and Regenerative Leadership, and why a regenerative approach is needed.

What allows you to be a Regenerative Leader?

You will learn why self-care and self-knowledge are key components to regenerative leadership, and how to nurture them as part of your leadership practice.

Building the confidence to step up as a Regenerative Leader

You will gain understanding of what to focus on and nurture your confidence and readiness to face the leadership challenges of today.

Self-care in your Regenerative Leadership journey

You will explore your self-care needs as a regenerative leader, and learn how to prioritise your wellbeing and that of those around you.

Creating your action plan

By the end of the programme, you will have identified how to step up as a regenerative leader and committed to first steps to create an impact on your area of choice.

What they say about our coaching

"A very supportive experience that allowed me a safe space to explore my leadership skills and next steps on a 1:1 basis. Great to have dedicated time to stop, talk and think with an experienced coach. Thank you."
Sheona S.
"I found the experience insightful and has made an amazing difference. I has helped me to take ownership of my own behaviour and make meaningful change.My coach was supportive and helped me reflect and identify realistic goals. Hope l can keep it up!"
Cat F.

"The course was great - really friendly, helpful, caring and engaging facilitators and coaches throughout. It was really clear that they deeply cared about the experience each had on the programme. The tools and materials were simple and easy to make use of, and facilitated networking amongst the group."

"I took part in the Regenerative Leadership course earlier this year and it was hugely valuable in my own personal growth. I'm sharing this with my #hrcommunity and wider as this really is both an insightful and impactful course that I highly recommend. #alwayslearning"
LeighAnn J.

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