October has been a busy month at KYM. We’ve selected the best news, stories and events so you don’t miss out on what’s coming up. Enjoy! 

This month’s story: Behind the new brand

Early in 2021, prompted by the unprecedented growth KYM has experienced over the past two years, we began exploring growth opportunities.

There were two options open to us; we could either expand capacity by increasing the numbers of coaches in our community to meet the growing demand by shifting the focus toward our platform and let the tech be in charge. Or, we could decide to keep the KYM community small, grow the sense of connection and partnership that creates such a unique environment and give ourselves, and our coaching community space to build stronger relationships with each other and clients.

We knew that neither was without risk: the risk of losing the human connections and relationships that are the foundations KYM are built upon, or risk missing out on rapid growth and the potential for increased revenues.

You already know that people are at the heart of what KYM stands for, so there was only one option for us. Any decision we make will always lean into developing the business and supporting those within it. With that realisation came the need for a realignment of the brand, with measured and managed growth at the centre.