In this episode of "The Breakout Room," I had the pleasure of hosting Roxana Baiçan, a valued member of our coaching community and a fantastic guest. Roxana brought balance and poise to what could’ve been a complex conversation on inclusivity for LGBTQ+ individuals in the workplace.  You’ll thoroughly enjoy this Q&A  special episode as a celebration of Pride Month.  

Make sure you listen to the full episode here.

Episode Summary

What You Will Learn:

Celebrating Pride in the workplace this month and beyond

Discover the importance of celebrating Pride Month and the impact of joy and community in the LGBTQ+ space.

Creating Safe Spaces

Understand the significance of creating safe and inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ employees in the workplace.

Allyship in Action

Explore the role of allies in supporting LGBTQ+ individuals and promoting inclusivity in the workplace.

Practical Steps

Learn about practical steps organizations can take to support LGBTQ+ employees, including inclusive language practices and gender-neutral facilities.

Open Dialogue

Embrace the power of open dialogue, understanding, and genuine allyship in creating a culture of inclusivity and respect.

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