FAQs for your sessions

How does Know You More coaching work?
Exactly the same way all your other online interactions work. Either alone or with your team, you’ll take part in a development experience facilitated by a qualified coach.
What is a coaching experience?
The word “coaching” literally means to transport someone from one place to another.One thing that all forms of coaching have in common is that they focus on moving forward. A skilled coach uses a combination of observation, questioning, listening and feedback to create a conversation rich in insight. Enabling you to develop a greater clarity and appreciation of their own circumstances. Greater self-knowledge and understanding creates new ways to approach challenges and achieve goals.
How long does a coaching experience last?
Most programmes last between 4 and 6 sessions. The duration of each session is normally an hour and regularity is dependant on the purpose of the coaching and preference of the coachee. Between fortnightly and monthly is our average.
How will I know it makes a difference?
As coaching conversations are happening and the programme is progressing, there is another process that is also in motion. Measurement and evaluation. We’ll link your objectives with progress and continuous evaluation that results in a 360-degree final report.
What is coaching not?
  • Training vs. Coaching
    Structured training is a fixed and prepared approach to learning. Coaching is fluid and flexible. It follows the interest and objectives of the coachee. Together the coach and coachee influence the direction of their sessions. Coaching also places responsibility and ownership on the individual to take action after their session.
  • Coaching vs. Therapy
    Whilst coaching is not therapy, it does provide a viable alternative to people who may have previously considered some form of counselling to resolve a situation. Sometimes, lasting change can be promoted by a simple change in perspectives.
When does virtual coaching go wrong?
  • Relationship
    The most effective coaching experience happens when trust and rapport exist between the coach and coachee. Like with many relationships, sometimes 2 people do not hit it off. Coaches are aware of this and ready for it.
    97% of our first-time matches are successful, but if a match doesn’t work out we refine what we know and then match coachees with another coach. Having a large coaching community means we are always be able to find an appropriate match.
  • Technology
    We all know what it is like when the internet goes down in the office. It’s frustrating and can have a serious impact on our ability to get things done. As virtual coaching is delivered over digital platforms we’re dependent on technology working. It is for this reason that we recommend services such as Zoom (which are also encrypted) to conduct conversations and we work with coachees to ensure that they have good internet connection ahead of their session.

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