Developing the Future Today

Read the thoughts and insights of leaders of today on the skills and qualities needed to be a leader of tomorrow.
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What is behind the ‘Developing the Future Today’ white paper?

Know You More is continually involved in conversations on how to develop skills that will enable emerging leaders to flourish in their early career and equip them for a future beyond it. Within these conversations exists a growing curiosity about advances in technology and the future of work. What skills and qualities do we need to be developing today to lead in the next five to ten years? We wanted to take these conversations and mould them into something more meaningful.

By purposefully courting the opinions of a diverse group of leaders, we could make this happen. We interviewed 50 leaders, from charities to academia, and commercial organisations large and small.

The Result

The graphic on the right illustrates the key skills and qualities highlighted in our interviews. For anyone responsible for a learning and development strategy, you may have seen these before. This paper goes a level deeper. Providing insights into what is new and emerging, what may stay the same and what people are doing about it.

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This is only the beginning and we want to continue the conversation with you. On receiving your copy of the ‘Developing the Future Today’ white paper, you will also be invited to become a contributor. To share your thoughts and insights on the skills needed for the future.

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