Conversations that count

We provide leadership coaching for you, your teams and your entire organisation. 

Who we develop

We provide coaching conversations to people across your organisation. We do this by giving your learning and development teams the ability to integrate coaching using our platform.

Develop leadership skills

We equip your people with the essential skills and behaviours to lead themselves, to lead others and to lead collectively. Whether in existing leadership positions or leaders of the future, we accelerate performance and support in the retention of your people.

Improve Workplace Wellbeing

There’s an increasing awareness of the importance of wellbeing at work. The best employers are committed to creating a happier workplace. We give your people an independent space to have the conversations that are important to them.

Enable Successful Workplace Transitions

The employee experience is ever changing. From changes of role to significant life events, we partner with you to provide the highest level of support for people in transition.

Supercharge your learning provision

Learning and development continues to embrace digital technology, which means fewer face-to-face workshops and more investment in e-learning. We bring the learning experience to life making it more effective and maximising your return.

Our approach

We create self-learning experiences through our framework, resources and tools and deliver them through digital coaching.

Backed by research

The Know You Canvas is our development framework. Its design is informed by the latest research in building personal effectiveness to lead today and in the future.

Measurable results

We focus on outcomes through quality human conversations by combining technology with professional coaching. We work with you to evaluate outcomes, demonstrating the individual, cultural and financial impact.


The power of the platform

The Know You More Platform is the engine that powers the delivery of the coaching experience. We tune it to your organisations requirements and the platform does the rest.

Delivered through Coaches like…


“I believe we can achieve personal and professional success without a fear of burnout. My purpose is to make coaching accessible in early so people can navigate life’s challenges and big decisions, building confidence and resilience, empowering them to unleash the leader within.”


“I want to give people the opportunity to experience coaching in a way I never had. For my personal and professional development, I’m connecting with a different demographic to hone my skills and experience new perspectives.”


“I love people! What makes us tick really fascinates me… I feel the energy of others and I want to influence those who reach out. I think by changing one life at a time, we can change the world.”


“I love helping young people to identify their values and guiding principles and to take courageous leaps in making positive life choices and attaining their development goals.”

Your development toolkit

1 to 1 Coaching

A dedicated 1 to 1 coaching experience to deepen the programme and self learning.

Group Coaching

Virtual group facilitation related to our agreed themes and outcomes of the programme.


Team Coaching

 A space to enable a new or existing team to know how to develop the behaviours of high performance.

Coaching Skills

Coaching skills for your workforce and continuing professional development for internal or independent coaches.

Coaching Supervision

1:1 or group supervision for coaches. A formative, normative and restorative space to support the quality and consistency of coaching

Impact Evaluation

Having agreed on the outcomes and metrics that are important to you, we will evaluate the programmes and provide data and dashboards to illustrate the overall impact.


Case Study: Change Agents UK

1. Project Vision

Young adults making their difference in the World, successfully recruited within ethically-driven organisations with a sustainability-focus.

2. What we did

Together we identified when coaching would be most effective over a 12-month placement. We co-ordinate and deliver a virtual coaching experience for up to 70 Change Agents a year.

3. The Result

A dream partnership was created. Adding a professional service to their bow increased their credibility. Maximising potential in young professionals and making a bigger difference.

The impact on your people

“I realised: You don’t do coaching because you are weak, but it’s like a sports person seeking a coach to get better.”

Stirling University Student

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“A good thing about [coaching] is I can do it almost anywhere. I could do it in the library or at home… I think overall it was positive.”

“Professional Skills Curriculum” Programme
St Andrew’s University

“I thought wow, you can change your perspective so much! [The coaches] help with how you approach a situation and the way you can resolve it as well.”

“Professional Skills Curriculum” Programme
St Andrew’s University

Click to watch Maya’s story

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