The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust (DKHT) stands out as it supports three levels of beneficiary. It supports former elite athletes and trains them to become mentors. The athlete mentors then go on to support young people, between the age of 14-25 who need support in some aspect of their life. And finally, these young people are given the tools, skills and most importantly, the confidence, to got back to and support their community in some way.

The influence and support that these Athlete Mentors go on to achieve is inspiring. DKHT shares the stories of ten young people they’ve supported on their website. Their stories bring to life the entire model. Each video tells a dierent story, but they’re united by a common theme – young people having the confidence to lead a life they never thought they could. And confidence is very much the key word here. That’s very much the goal of DKHT, to give young people the confidence to improve, not just their own lives, but the lives of others.