We’re really excited and proud to be supporting the Year of Young People 2018. It’s a Scottish Government lead initiative to promote the contribution that young people make to Scotland. In their own words, they describe it as:


“Scotland’s young people are going to shine in 2018. The Year of Young People 2018 is an opportunity to celebrate the amazing achievements and contributions of our country’s young people. All ages can join in the events and activities across culture, art, sport and more.”


It’s a hugely positive project and, for us, it’s really about celebrating, empowering and giving young people a stronger voice. And, of course, like any celebration, it should be fun. Our only challenge is this – shouldn’t EVERY year be about young people? What happens at the end of this campaign?


The heart and soul of the Year of Young People is a belief that all young people have the ability to make a positive difference and create a better future. This is something we agree with entirely, but we also recognise the burden of expectation that this puts on an entire generation. The aspiration is great, but we know that in order to turn that into reality, young people will need help.


There’s no shortage of discussion about this generations desire to change the way the World works. We’ve reviewed lots of different research papers and surveys that all reinforce this, but they stop at the ‘what’ they want, without suggesting ‘how’ they might do it. That sums up the challenge for us.


At Know You More, we believe the Year of Young People 2018 is all about creating a platform for stronger voices, celebrating youth and also helping them make their vision a reality.


And achieving that is only possible by focussing on one young person at a time. When one of our coaches is working with a young person the goal is to give them the support and confidence to think for themselves and take command of their future. For us, it’s all about developing them as individuals. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. It’s about giving them the space to think about what they really want from life and then giving them the tools and the belief to make it happen.


As coaches and adults, our job should be to encourage, support and embrace their ambitions whether they are modest or ambitious.


Over the last three months, we’ve been asking ourselves many of the questions that we’d typically ask our young people. We’re a young organisation and we thought it was time to better define the difference we want to make. That exercise has resulted in our first mission statement that we’re delighted to share with you.


The Know You More Mission Statement

“Everyone can make their mark on the World. We can all shape our future and lead a life that’s fulfilling and fun. That journey starts by knowing who we are and what motivates us. We believe that a deeper level of self-knowledge is critical when making the transition from the world of education to the world of work and beyond. There are no formulas, cookie cutters or prescriptions to help.


Everyone is different and how we learn about ourselves, is also different. Know You More exists to accelerate the self-development of young adults. We’re committed to coaching them to have the skills and confidence to think for themselves so they can take control. And, by empowering young people, the benefits go way beyond the individual.


Employers, social enterprises and the wider community reap the rewards of confident and engaged young people. Our approach allows us to reach young people from all backgrounds. When we coach students, apprentices, graduates or young professionals in organisations, we invest our profits with charities that support young adults.

Our mission is to empower young adults to make the impact they want to make in the World.”

By sharing our mission statement, you’ll hopefully see why we’re passionately supporting the Year of Young People 2018. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the campaign, as well as the role of young people in your world. Feel free to leave a comment or get in touch with me at tim@knowyoumore.co


PS This is the first article in a series, so, if you’d like to join the conversation or share your thoughts please let us know, and who knows, you might be featured in a future blog post (you can read the second article here)!!!


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