Know You More is excited to be offering virtual coaching support to Care Leavers across England and Wales. As part of its strategy to improve the experience of young people leaving care, the Government introduced the concept of the ‘Care Leaver Covenant’. At its heart, this is a commitment from organisations in the private and voluntary sector to provide support to young people aged 16-25 and help them live fulfilling independent lives after leaving care.

Know You More will be working with Spectra (the delivery partner with the Department for Education) as a participant organisation in the Care Leaver Covenant (Summary PDF). It is envisaged that organisations that participate in the covenant will enable young people to:


  • be better prepared and supported to live independently
  • have improved access to employment, education and training
  • experience stability in their lives and feel safe and secure
  • have improved access to health and emotional support
  • achieve financial stability




Spectra aims to launch a dedicated ‘Covenant’ platform and we have committed to providing a virtual 1:1 coaching offering to its users. The initiative aligns perfectly with our social purpose of supporting young adults from all backgrounds to have the skills, confidence and belief to make their impact in the World.

We look forward to keeping you posted on the launch of the platform. In the meantime, should you wish to know more, or you would like to know how to support the Covenant, please email: