It was only August of last year when we transitioned Know You More (KYM) into a solution for commercial organisations and the simplest way to provide their with people executive-level coaching at scale. Since then we’ve had the privilege of supporting the development of outstanding companies like Ocado and Siemens, as well as the NHS.

With an increasing number of organisations working with KYM to empower their people with on-demand coaching conversations, we are adding more people and resources to continue providing an amazing experience to our clients and coaches.

It is with pleasure we share the first new additions to the team with the joining of Mr Suhail Ahmad as our new Executive Chairman. Suhail has been a supportive and trusted advisor since the start of 2016 when he became a mentor to the company as part of a business accelerator programme. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial leadership, Suhail has successfully built and exited several technology start-ups. He brings a unique combination of digital strategy and financial expertise to help companies accelerate and create value. Based in Scotland, Suhail is the Founder and CEO of the Financial Network Limited and will be helping KYM develop its growth strategy and serve more clients nationwide.

Suhail Ahmad, MBA - Executive Chairman


“I’ve had an opportunity to work with the founders (Tim Mart and Chirag Mehta) at Know You More for many years and it’s great to see them grow. It’s an honour to join the board and continue supporting their growth and success. KYM has the best solution in the marketplace for organisations to provide executive-level coaching that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and at every level of the organisation! Exciting times ahead for KYM.” added Suhail.

We’re also delighted to welcome Dr Jeremy Hinks who will head up our new Coaching Community Operations. Jeremy has been a coach within the community since the very beginning and he has been truly wonderful to work with. With a strong academic background, he brings a great level of experience in the design and implementation of learning frameworks. He will be leading on the future development and growth of our coaching community. Look forward Jeremy’s blog post introducing himself in the coming weeks to the community.

Dr Jeremy Hinks
Dr Jeremy Hinks - Coaching Community Operations


“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Know You More as a coach from the time it came into existence. Kate, Tim and Chirag have gone about building KYM with commitment and passion that I admire. An essential feature has been their ability to draw a coaching community together, a team who share the KYM vision and values. I am looking forward to playing a part in KYM going forward working with and on behalf of that coaching community. “

In the coming months, we will be looking to add to our team. This will include the board of directors as well as an advisory board. We want to bring together outstanding people to support the development of leadership skills and well-being at organisations across the U.K. and worldwide.

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