At Know You More  we’re always exploring ways to make professional, high-quality coaching accessible to all. We’re pleased to announce that in September 2018, we’re launching a new partnership opportunity to membership organisations and communities.

Up until now, the application of the Know You More platform has been through business to business customers. The platform has been used to support internal teams within the likes of Ocado or, in the case of the University of St. Andrews, communities of students that the organisation serves. Increasingly, we have been approached by individuals searching for a coaching experience for themselves.


From entrepreneurs looking to grow their mindset and business to leaders looking to build their skills and effectiveness, we’ve been able to make it happen and we’ve enjoyed hearing the subsequent success stories.

This demand and success have led us to create a direct to customer ‘Coaching For Me’ offer. This has created the opportunity for someone to take their personal and professional development to the next level by purchasing directly through our website.

As well as supporting individuals, it has also opened up partnership opportunities with membership organisations and community groups. That they can offer Know You More as a professional development opportunity as part of a membership benefit. In doing so, their members can either receive a discount or, like a standard affiliate model, the organisation can benefit from a paid commission from the referral.

We’re a social enterprise, so for every paid coaching session we deliver Know You More gifts the same to a charity partner or young adult making the leap from education to employment. A nice example is in our work with Thorntons Investments & Cornerstone.

We’re keen to explore affiliate partnership opportunities with organisations that share similar values and connect with our mission. That we can complement their existing membership or community offering with professional coaching and then reinvest back into their charity partner or social community aims.

If you would like to learn more or have a conversation with our team, please get in touch at