“It’s not called a pack for nothing.”

The responsibilities you have when you reach a certain age influence your decision making and often lead you down a more secure financial path.

The constraint of self-development is garnered by an ever present need to earn enough money to feel like you’re competitively participating in life. You buy things you don’t need that don’t necessarily improve your mental state but of which you become more reliant on with time. This loop of consumerism creates a growing vacuum of doubt and anxiety.

Making this a priority is often caused by being raised without an appreciation for yourself and the capacity to love who you are. Which in turn is fed through the love from others.

“Get a job so you can buy yourself something nice.”

When you get to the age of ‘having to do things because…’ you are quickly thrown into a seemingly choice less decision. You project an ideal of what you will be in the future. The same cannot be said for who you will be. This leads to self-appreciation and ambition dwindling down until the very ideas become obsolete.

What can be said for those who rise above this thought process is a realisation that your life doesn’t generally have to be dictated by money. Attributing money with success is the same as attributing sugar with having a healthy body.

If you earn living wage that probably means you are working full time in a job that pays very little. You’re earning not enough and spending too much of your week working. The natural inclination then is to earn more to justify the amount of time you spend doing the work. This change is a temporary relief for a slow-moving cancer.  

“What’s the plan? When am I getting grandchildren?”

Having the realisation to change the direction in your life often leads to a change in career or an onus to upgrade your life in an unnecessary way. The want to change your perspective doesn’t generally fall into this decision. The pressure to keep up, trumps the want to let go.

Abridging this lifestyle takes committing to the other thing. Once a true commitment is established time slowly draws less blood. You ask yourself questions that only speak to productivity and the reassurance of what you’re heading towards.

Development is a numbed down term that is generally met with intolerance. Being specific about the components of your life that fulfil you and committing to several years of slow improvement causes your appreciation of what you have to improve at the same rate.