We all need to respond the climate emergency. How we do that is up to us as individuals. However, more and more of us are feeling overwhelmed with the whole issue of climate change. Feelings of frustration at a perceived lack of action on the part of governments and industry, guilt about how those of us in high carbon industries may be adding to the problem, as well as confusion on the sheer volume of information to sift through to get to the truth, is having severe and detrimental effects on our mental health.

Fretting about whether you accidentally put a tin can in the regular bin is one thing, but a recent study by an Oxford Clinical Psychologist highlighted how many of us, and in particular young people, are feeling increasingly anxious and concerned about the issue of climate change, to the point that he created Climate Psychologists, a group who support those suffering from anxiety and depression directly related to climate change.

There are a number of psychological responses to climate change: fear, helplessness and resignation are not only detrimental to us in general, but could also be preventing us from addressing the causes of climate change and what solutions we as individuals or organisations could take to reduce it.

Coaching allows for deeper understanding of oneself and one’s environment.  That deeper understanding will in turn lead to a strengthening of resilience, something that we all need for optimum mental health and which can, like any other skill, be learned.

How we work and who we work for can give rise to climate anxiety.  Coaching that provides an outlet for that anxiety could throw up some interesting ways to counter it personally and collectively and in turn, improve our mental health, as well as the environment.

Know You More will be supporting Climate Coaching Action Day, a 24-hour worldwide conversation about climate change, the feelings it gives rise to, and how to manage those feelings in a positive way.

Our coaches are not climate change specialists or therapists, but they are able to offer a safe space to share, discuss and process some of the issues surrounding climate change and how it affects us at work and at play.  By having those conversations, we hope to encourage young people to discover ways they can proactively dispel those feelings of anxiety by making positive and impactful changes in all aspects of their lives.  It is the hope that those conversations will create a starting point for change in the way we react to climate change and how we allow it to affect us.

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