Have you ever experienced a kid come up to you with something that they really want to share? They’re so excited they can barely catch their breath. It’s a splurge of words in no particular order. You make an effort to listen a little more intently. You can see it in their face that this picture is so clear in their heads. Bright eyes and eyebrows raised. This is so important but they just can’t get it out and for all their endeavour you just don’t get it. You want to but you can’t. They calm down and then we say ‘Ok, let’s start from the beginning’.


That is how I saw us as a young business. Excited and passionate about something so clear in our heads and just not being able to take a breath and articulate what the hell is going on.


‘There are these young adults… and this community … they’re on a coach… no.. a platform… and it can be virtual… and when they do it we do it back… and the monkey… he dances on the elephant’s toenails…’ and so on.


As we set out our project to launch www.knowyoumore.com, we took our breath. The proverbial adult that we brought into the team to calm us down was Kevin Anderson. Since then, we’ve become committed to being a lot clearer in our communication. The confidence that it has provided has seen us come out of our stealth mode and enjoy talking about what we’re up to.


So much so that when provided with the opportunity to do a case study for Glasgow Caledonian University and the Aim2Flourish Initiative, I jumped at the chance.



The students wanted to learn and understand our business. Here I am taking them on a journey through our model. Their great preparation, questions and skills certainly made it a lot easier to walk through Know You More but this new found clarity just allowed the discussion to flow. 


Last week, I received an email from one of the students, Lisa Thomson, with the first draft. In it, she shared that as part of their work they had explained Know You More to a 10-year-old called Isla in Inverness. They asked Isla to draw a picture of what they had spoken about. Isla’s drawing is the header image of this article.


I can’t tell you how much I love this drawing. The fact it has been done by a 10-year-old is brilliant. The interpretation, accuracy and amazing characters have made me smile all week.


Isla and the Glasgow Caledonian Students have reinforced our commitment to be more clear in our communication. We realise if we want to make an impact we have to make it a lot easier for people to understand.


They have also been the influence behind a new section of the website and articles named:


‘Frequently Answered Questions’


Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing the answers to some of the questions we asked most often. Sometimes, we’ve made it hard for people to understand what we do by not explaining some of the fundamentals of our business.


We’ll keep on adding new answers to the new questions we get about how we work. So, if you do have a burning question or if you read something on the site that doesn’t make sense to you, please ask the question. Our promise is that we’ll answer all of them honestly and quickly.


Over to you folks!


PS You can find all the answers to the questions so far by visiting ‘Frequently Answered Questions’