One of our aims is to make coaching far more accessible & affordable. But what does that actually mean? When we say accessible, it means opening up coaching opportunities to more than just the senior leadership team. In our case, we’re focused on coaching for people across an organisation.
And of course, to make it accessible to more people, rather than a select few, we need to be able to make coaching as affordable as possible. Let’s look at both these areas in more detail.




We know that the demands of learning and development are changing. Those that are getting it right create a suite of different high quality, development opportunities to allow their young workforce to take control or ‘self-direct’ their learning. For a generation that believes firmly in fairness and social justice, they don’t want to be singled out for special treatment, they want to be able to make decisions for themselves.


Our platform and delivery has been designed to complement this demand but there is more to consider.


To enable businesses to make coaching accessible we have to consider the impact on their internal resource. Often already stretched, our partners talk about how the combination of the platform and the coaching community allows them to add real value. A self-service expert resource, with minimal impact on their learning and development team.




Traditionally, when businesses think of coaching, they agree in the principle but would flinch at the cost. It makes them think twice about bringing in an external supplier unless absolutely necessary and the prospect of making it available to their young workforce would be difficult to justify.


Our model allows us to deliver an expert level of coaching well below the normal commercial rate without compromising the quality of the coaching experience. We understand that affordability goes much further than price. Businesses need to see, understand and feel the impact in the development of their people. If offering a self-service provision, they need to be able to stay within their budget.


We understand that control of their spend and oversight of their return is critical.


This is what we mean by accessible and affordable.



Introducing Know You More Tokens



A unique pricing model that allows you to create an impactful provision for your team whilst being able to manage and track your budget.


How do Know You More Tokens work?


1. The Building Blocks.


Every one of our coaching elements is provided with a Token Value. For example:




(A full list of our coaching elements can be found on our What We Do page)



2. Select Your Budget.


Looking to the year ahead, purchase the number of tokens that meet your budget and create a token balance. Why we suggest looking ahead is because the more tokens you buy, the cheaper the individual token price becomes.





3. Create Your Programmes.


Together we make the Know You More platform available to your team allowing them to create the coaching experience that is right for them. Your token balance is only debited for exactly what your people need and what we deliver.





4. Manage & Track.


Your dashboard on the Know You More Platform will show you the activity and up to date balance of your tokens. Allowing you to have oversight of your spend. For even tighter control we can create an approval process with a member of your team.


5. Reallocate and Rollover.


Things can change. Plans for a rollout can quickly be put on hold or people can change their mind. With Know You More Tokens, the balance is not debited until it is delivered providing you with the flexibility to change or reallocate your tokens as you see fit and without any cost. Unused tokens will also roll over to the next year.




A token story…


A partner wanted to invest in the development of 2 teams in different locations. Each team of 10 members (20 in total) would participate in of:

  • 3 x Team Coaching Sessions
  • Complemented by 4 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions.





As the programme was about to start it was identified that two returners were having similar challenges. They were both struggling to find their feet in the business and were showing signs of anxiety and stress. The decision was made to divert 6 tokens from the allocated budget to support them as it was a more critical concern and part of their commitment to supporting their people.



It is through Know You More Tokens that we have been able to create a flexible and manageable pricing solution. You have the ability to give your people control of their learning as you retain control of your budget.


Want to know more?


If you’d like to know more about Know You More Tokens or if it’s sparked any questions, please get in touch.