We want to share with you how coaches join the Know You More coaching community. The coaching community is a membership. There is a process that helps us identify and recruit the right people for our aims as a business.


The illustration and step by step walkthrough below will give you an understanding of what we look for and how it works. Training, qualification and continuous development are fundamental to a quality coaching experience. The majority of coaches operate as independents and it’s normal for them to join our community through a referral from another coach.


You’ll see that coaches tick the boxes with qualifications and insurance but that’s just the beginning. 


Our coaches have the right qualifications and the appropriate level of insurance in place, but that’s not enough to be part of the community.


To warmly welcome a coach into our community there are a number of ingredients that have to come together.


Values & Mission:


We’re on a mission to empower young adults to make their impact in the World. It’s why we and the coaching community exist. For coaches to really enjoy, commit to and benefit from being part of the team, sharing that mission is a must.




The word community has become a buzzword. A wholesome sounding adjective for a group or many people. For us, a community is not built but cultivated. A group of people engaged in a common purpose that gives and shares in equal measures. Together we are stronger.




You’d be right in thinking that this would be a given for any coach who is trained in building and facilitating a coaching relationship. It is, but, we’re developing a different generation and our style requires the necessary amount of flex to create an effective coaching relationship. This can include an appreciation of language and relate to how this generation sees the World.


Continuous Learning:


We believe in continuous learning and provide support to our coaching community beyond the work they do in partnership with us. As part of the community, they receive access to coaching supervision and CPD (Continuous Professional Development). We also help them thrive in their own private coaching practice by giving them access to experts and create opportunities for them to network with their peers.


The recruitment process



Step 1


Coaches register their details on the Know You More website:


By referral, a partnership or through our relationships with the leading professional coaching bodies (ICF, EMCC, AoC, ILM) a coach will be directed to our Community Page were they register their interest.


Step 2


The applicant coach sends their accreditation certificates:


The community membership is open at specific points throughout the year. During a recruitment drive, we’ll make contact with all those coaches who have previously registered an interest. We’ll ask them that if they’re still interested in joining the community that they send us confirmation of their trading and coaching qualifications.


We invite them to the Know You More platform:


Having met the standards, we invite the coaches on to the Know You More platform. They agree to our T&Cs and complete a coaching profile. This outlines their skills, experience, interests and who they are as a person. At this point, we also ask about the practical stuff, specifically their schedule, coaching languages and availability.


Step 3


The coach uploads their insurance documents and details of their referees


As part of our quality standards, coaches are expected to have professional liability insurance and be able to supply referees of previous coaching clients. The platform notifies us when the profile has been submitted and completed.


Step 4


We book some time together for an interview


With everything now in place, we have the opportunity to get to know one another. We talk about the ethos of Know You More, where we’re heading and the wider context of what we’re all about. It’s a perfect time for coaches to ask questions and to see if we’re a good fit. We also provide education on the platform and how the community comes together.


The application is reviewed and approved in principle – Welcome to the team!


Once membership has been confirmed in principle we bring the coach into the community. They’ll be given an immediate opportunity to show their quality with a test client. They’ll access our community chat space, have access to regular CPD webinars, client related supervision and also general group supervision. It is this combination that maintains the quality of our recruitment, the coaching experience and adding value to the development of the coach.


All aboard the onboard


Our process of recruiting new coaches works. It ensures we don’t just get highly qualified, professional coaches – we get coaches that share our vision for supporting people at the early stage of their career. And, once they’ve joined the Know You More community, our commitment is to make the experience of working together as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.


And, if you’re reading this and like the sound of joining our community and supporting us on our mission, please visit https://knowyoumore.com/coaching-community/