We are in the early stages of what could be a worldwide public health emergency and while we don’t want to create any mass hysteria, we’ve had some recent conversations that we thought might be helpful to share.

Digital technologies are now even more crucial at times when physical human contact cannot take place, whether due to government restrictions or simple geography. With non-essential travel banned and office staff encouraged to work from home, there has been a surge of interest in video solutions for remote meetings. We’re 5 years into using video techonology to provide impactful learning and coaching augmentation across a range of sectors. Bringing people together from across the organisation using a flexible and practical methodology.

We’ve have had a number of calls, conversations with HR and learning teams who have a calender full of learning programmes to deliver and are not quite sure what to do. If your organisation is already running a leadership, training or development programme that involves face to face contact, we’re happy to talk through the practicalities of converting them into a virtual experience using video solutions.

We must collectively ensure that the economic impact of a public health event like this is minimised. There is and will be more disruption at some level as a result of this virus and it’s vital that we maintain ‘businesses as usual’  to continue to prosper with no discernible break in service, or and minimal changes to the employee experience.  Using technology to do that makes sense.

Click here to see our tip sheet and advice on virtual delivery of learning programmes.

If would like support in designing your development programmes for virtual delivery or support your people with digital coaching you can contact us via:

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