Like any business, we’re continually reflecting on what we do and, more importantly how we do it. We want to make it really simple for people to understand. We share a lot of content about the ‘why’ behind Know You More and when it comes to the what, we’ve talked about four key areas:
  • A learning and development platform
  • A community of qualified coaches
  • A research backed framework and diagnostic tool
  • A measurement process to illustrate the impact


There is a lot going on there. But how does it work and how do we do what we do?


It’s a good question and we’ve challenged ourselves to illustrate an impactful coaching experience in just 10 steps. We did it.


And here it is. An illustration to help you visualise how Know You More could be delivered to you. It’s not a one size fits all but there are key elements that will apply to every delivery. Example of these includes collaborating with you at the beginning and the coaching itself.




Broken down step by step


1. We agree on requirements and measurements:


Over a short series of conversations, we learn more about your business and your team.

Together we design:


  • the scale and scope (1:1’s, group, team)
  • what the learning should consist of
  • the aims and outcomes
  • the preferred delivery method (group, team, 1:1)
  • the profile of your ideal coach
  • the preferred measurement and evaluation process


2. Customer Requirements Developed and Client Gateway to the platform created.


We apply your design to the Know You More platform and create a bespoke gateway to the platform for your team. This can look like a custom web page or link to your existing system. The selected stakeholder from within your team will receive access to the measurement dashboard. This illustrates the impact of the coaching at an organisational level.


3. A member of your team selects to have coaching and completes a profile


The gateway is in place and the opportunity communicated to your team. They select to have a coaching experience and complete a short profile on the platform. They are now a ‘coachee’ in the Know You More platform.


4. Matches and provides coaches details (1:1 coaching only)


Based on the information that the coachee has provided the Know You More platform suggests the right matches for them. The coach profiles are shared with coachee and they decide which coach they would like to have an introductory conversation. This is also known as a chemistry session as the coachee and coach are looking to establish relationship chemistry.


5. Selects Coach (1:1 coaching only)


The coachee selects the coach for their experience and Know You More provides content and resources to prepare them for their coaching experience.


6. Enters Goals & Objectives


It is normal that a coachee has a session with their sponsor ahead of their programme to agree on objectives for the coaching. This might be their manager or a member of the learning and development team. Ahead of a 1:1 coaching programme, it can beneficial for the coachee, coach and sponsor to be present for the objective setting. Once agreed, the coachee enters their goals into a questionnaire held on the Know You More platform.


7. Programme Plan and Reminders are set


The coachee is ready for their coaching to start. The Know You More platform calendar will support scheduling and provide reminders of any group or 1:1 events that are coming up. They will also have access to the Know You diagnostic tool and any other relevant resources.


8. The Coaching Happens


This is where the magic happens. Your team will work with their coach over the agreed number of coaching sessions. Most sessions last about an hour and can occur weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on the design of the programme. At the end of the programme, the coachee will come away with a development plan for the future that can be shared with their line manager.


9. Measurement & Evaluation Process


With your preferred measurement agreed at the start and the coachee completing their objectives on the Know You Platform, the measurement process begins. The process creates a 360 degree perspective of the development of the coachee. We do this by collating feedback and data from the coachee, their peer group and their sponsor.


10. Dashboard Report


At the end of each programme, the business dashboard is updated with evaluation data. This provides an overview of the coaching impact at individual and team level.


Our Perfect Ten


It’s taken us a while to study and develop, but we now have absolute clarity on what we believe is the perfect approach to creating lasting change through coaching. If you’d like to understand more about our process or, if it’s sparked any questions, please get in touch. We’d love to hear your feedback.